Fountain Pen Operation

Fountain Pen Operation

1. Your Fountain Pen has been designed for use with an Ink Cartridge or for use with an Ink Pump. To use the ink cartridge, simply press the nipple end of the cartridge into Fountain Pen Nib assembly. You will feel the cartridge seat itself as the nib punctures the interior of the cartridge. Thread the Fountain Nib/Nib Barrel assembly back onto the lower barrel assembly.

2. If you are using the Ink Pump you must first fill the pump with ink. Turn the black plastic knurled tip counter clockwise until the plunger is seated at the bottom of the ink cartridge reservoir. Place the tip of the cartridge reservoir into a bottle of ink such that the reservoir opening is always submerged in the ink. Turn the black knurled tip clockwise and ink will be drawn into the cartridge reservoir. Seat the Ink Pump back onto the Tip/Nib assembly.

3. When using your Fountain pen for the first time, gently shake the pen to “load” the tip with ink. Ink can be thrown from the tip so proceed carefully and shake gently.

4. Fountain pens should only be cleaned with clean, cool water. IMPORTANT: NEVER USE HOT WATER. Hot water can easily damage the feed. If your fountain pen is excessively dirty, a teaspoon of ammonia can be added to a cup of water, then soak the nib section overnight. You can also use a window cleaner like Windex. Just be sure it has ammonia as this helps break up dry ink and dirt the best.

5. Flush the nib section with water until it runs clear. You may use the faucet's power or you may use an ear syringe and force the water thru, this is very effective since it gives more force and cleans the nib out better.