Rhodium-Platinum Series

  • Possibly nature's most brilliant and durable precious metal, Rhodium is used by the worlds premier pen manufacturers to plate their very finest pens. A member of the Platinum precious metals family, Rhodium sells for as much as $1,500.00 per troy ounce and is unmatched in brilliance and durability. I guarantee the Rhodium plating on my pens to last a lifetime or your money back.

Titanium-Gold & Black

  • Titanium plating is very popular as it offers superior wear resistance yet is less expensive than other precious metal platings. Available in gold and black, I guarantee Titanium plating to last a lifetime or your money back.



  • Chrome is an extremely long wearing plating capable of resisting everyday wear and tear. Highly recommended, chrome gives you a shiney, rich look at an economy price.

10k Gold

  • This popular plating blends hard nickel and the beauty of gold together to form a brilliant plating that is durable and affordable.

24k Gold

  • My 24kt gold uses a "premium rack plating" process and is covered with an epoxy coating for extreme durability. I guarantee its beauty and durability with a lifetime guarantee or your money back.


Satin Series

  • Satin series pens undergo a special plating process that produces a matte finish that features a slight texture that looks and feels great. This popular plating offers a unique alternative to traditional plating.

Black Chrome

  • Black Chrome offers a unique alternative to traditional platings that works extremely well with lighter color woods. The soft sheen and depth of color make Black Chrome a favorite.



  • Copper offers a unique beauty and warmth that begs to be held. Because copper is soft by nature, these pens feature a durable epoxy layer on top of the copper plating to increase wear resistance.